How To Lose Weight

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

This article provides in depth information on Acupuncture for Weight Loss.

Dealing with weight loss is always a challenge to those who are easily tempted to eat whenever they see food. Some people just eat mindlessly, while others are social eaters. It does not matter exactly how you gained the weight, the important thing is how you deal with it once you have those extra pounds. Besides dieting, exercise, and surgery, some people undergo acupuncture for weight loss. This is an age-old Chinese method that has been used for countless centuries as a means of both healing and prevention. When considering acupuncture for weight loss, it is essential to consider how often it should be utilized, how to utilize it in terms of weight loss and which techniques are most beneficial.

How Often Should You Get Acupuncture?

Because acupuncture utilizes ultra-thin needles which are inserted at specific pressure points, anyone afraid of needles might be wise to stick with a more traditional method of dieting. Individuals who can stand a little discomfort for the ultimate benefits can go about setting up an appointment for their initial session. The first step is to determine how much weight is to be lost and if there is a real commitment to it, since there will be ongoing acupuncture sessions which must be adhered to. A person who eats all day long and is severely overweight can get acupuncture for weight loss for five consecutive days and then gradually decrease to every other day and eventually to every third day. When it is only a matter of a few pounds which need to be lost, going to the acupuncturist two times per week should be sufficient. Booster treatments are encouraged for a few weeks after the main course of treatments as maintenance to help sustain the initial loss.

Using Acupuncture for Weight Loss to Your Advantage

When getting acupuncture for weight loss, it is important to set goals to track progress along the way. Acupuncture is most effective in combination with other daily routines such as restricting caloric intake from fats and carbs as well as by increasing exercise to some degree. Unfortunately, acupuncture is not effective without a well rounded weight loss plan. Counseling with the acupuncturist is also vital in that he/she is able to be of assistance in setting goals and in both the process of losing weight and keeping it off once the target weight is reached. Also, a professional acupuncturist may have additional resources should extra encouragement become necessary.

Techniques to Assist Acupuncture Results

Getting acupuncture for weight loss does not end on the acupuncture table. Besides exercising and eating healthy, there are breathing treatments and abdominal exercises which can considerably magnify the results. Before getting out of bed in the morning, the patient is encouraged to lay facing up and take deep, slow breaths. Doing this for approximately five minutes each morning will increase blood flow and enable digestive organs to function better. While taking in deep breaths, massage the abdominal area with finger pressure. Work the fingers down along the path of the intestines as this is beneficial in reestablishing homeostasis.

Using acupuncture for weight loss is excellent for the dedicated person who is seeking a holistic approach. Since it requires weekly treatments along with eating and exercise routines, it can wreak havoc with a very busy schedule. It is important to stick with the program, especially when results are first evidenced. Losing weight with the help of tiny needles is awesome.