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Caffeine and Weight Loss

This article provides in depth information on Caffeine and Weight Loss.

Caffeine is perhaps the most common substance that people resort to if they need to stay up late at night to work or study. Everyone knows what caffeine is because it is the key ingredient in coffee, tea, and energy drinks. But, what may come as a surprise to many is that caffeine can also be used for weight loss. This article will tell readers all about caffeine and how it can help burn those extra pounds.

How Caffeine Helps in Weight Loss

As mentioned above, caffeine can boost a person’s energy levels. For those who are working out, it will give them better endurance when they undergo exercise programs that can easily tire them out. A study conducted at the University of Guelph has shown that when people ingest 330mg of caffeine half an hour before any intense exercise program, they develop 30% more endurance. Additionally, because it gives the body added energy, it can also speed up metabolism, which in turn will burn fat faster. As a fat burner, it can convert fat to energy faster while maintaining blood sugar levels at optimum levels to prevent the body from wearing out.

How Much is Needed?

Caffeine is commonly found in coffee. In fact, a cup of drip-brewed coffee contains 100mg of it. Caffeine is also present in colas and sodas, and international products such as Coke and Pepsi contain about 40mg of caffeine per can while energy drinks such as Red Bull also have approximately 80mg per can. However, studies have shown that although this component is abundant in many of the drinks and foods that are a part of everyday diets, its effects are better when taken in tablet form. This is because many compounds present in caffeinated drinks and food can prevent caffeine from being able to work as it should to energize the body and burn fat.

Weight Loss Products with Caffeine

There are many weight loss products which have caffeine as the main ingredient. The most popular ones are Caffeine Tablets 200mg by Prolab, Caffeine Pills 200mg by 4Ever Fit, and Caffeine Alert 200mg by Megapro. Prolab’s Caffeine Tablets work by increasing metabolic rate and energy levels. Aside from being able to improve endurance, this product can also decrease the occurrence of post-workout pains by elevating the pain threshold. 4Ever Fit Caffeine Pills is another well-known product in the market, and is often used by gym enthusiasts to help them last longer while pumping iron. Caffeine Alert, on the other hand, can keep users awake and alert, thereby preventing fatigue.

Correct Use of Caffeine Products

It cannot be denied that caffeine and weight loss go well together. However, to get the most of the effects of this ingredient, it is necessary to couple it with a good exercise program. A person cannot expect to burn the required amount of calories by staying immobile all day; therefore, he must exert physical effort to keep his body toned and lean. In addition, it is also important to take caffeine products 30 minutes prior to any physical activity for it to work as it should, and remember not to take it at the very moment you begin exercising because it needs to be absorbed by the body in order to be effective.