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Chocolate Diet

This article provides in depth information on Chocolate Diet.

Its very name sounds too tempting to be true, but the fact remains that the Chocolate Diet has emerged as an effective weight-loss method. Further, it helps to lose weight without being traumatized with starvation or extreme dieting regimens. The Chocolate Diet approach was first presented by Sally Ann Voak. Unarguably, this is perhaps the most tasteful of diet plans—helping people to lose weight by consuming chocolate in more-than-average proportions!

Get Acquainted with the Basics of the Chocolate Diet

The defining principle of this diet plan is truly unique. It is based on the premise that most people are predisposed to consuming chocolates or ‘chocolate-like’ sugary foods. This includes people who are dieting, or trying to limit their daily caloric intake for losing weight. In fact, the diet’s creator, Sally Ann Voak, even categorized various kinds of people based upon their kind of chocolate-dependency:

• Secret Bingers— people who might be otherwise dieting but are prone to gorging on chocolates, as they cannot resist the urge to snack on sugary foods.

• Romantics— people who use chocolates as a replacement for emotional highs. Their intake of chocolate fluctuates based on moods.

• Weekend indulgers— people who use chocolate as a celebratory food. (i.e. they eat it to celebrate trivial, personal milestones in their lives)

• Pre-menstrual chocolate cravers— limited to women who tend to eat lots of chocolates due to their hormonal surges.

• Comfort eaters— people who regularly need to consume chocolate to fight-off their depressive tendencies or to alleviate their daily stress. Their intake of chocolate is rather acute.

• Sugar addicts— people who are chronically dependent upon eating chocolates since it has a high level of sweet-tasting, active ingredients that give an instant boost.

Guiding Principle of Chocolate Diet

According to Sally Ann Voak, these categories include almost every kind of individual who is fighting a losing battle against weight-gain. Thus, there is a need to eliminate the thinking that chocolate is a sinful or weight-gaining food. Actually, the healthier alternative is to accept chocolate as an essential food and plan a diet based on it. This helps to eliminate periods of extreme cravings and limits overindulgences that cause weight-gain.

How Does the Chocolate Diet Aid Weight Loss?

For starters, using chocolate for snacking is a much better option than consuming foods loaded with easy-to-absorb sugars, particularly confectionery items and carbonated drinks. This diet program is based on using chocolate that has a higher concentration of cacao, the active ingredient found in chocolate. Because chocolate is able to uplift the mental state of the user instantaneously, this effect is more pronounced and longer-lasting than the elevated feeling associated with simple sugar intake. This reduces the need to seek repeated doses of sugar-laden foods. Furthermore, chocolate helps to stabilize blood pressure levels which reduces sugar cravings even more.

Chocolate Diet Facts worth Knowing

It is also seen that those using the Chocolate Diet tend to consume more liquids throughout the day. The texture of chocolate and its ingredients actually causes thirst. A greater intake of fluids throughout the day boosts the metabolism, helping to metabolize fats in a comprehensive manner. Also, the original, Chocolate Diet plan says that chocolate should be eaten in moderation prior to meals. This is because it creates a feeling of satiety, curbing the tendency to overeat which is the easiest, and most tasteful way to limit the size of servings.