How To Lose Weight

Dr Phils Diet

This article provides in depth information on Dr Phils Diet.

TV psychologist Dr. Phil has created a diet program to help those who want to be free from weight loss struggles. Obviously, his approach has a lot of psychology behind it, although some physical activity and healthy eating are required as well. Dr. Phil’s diet program will teach you how to avoid trigger foods, and make intelligent eating choices. You need to learn that food isn’t the right type of “comfort” for dealing with depression and stress.

Dr. Phil’s Diet – Key Steps

There are seven key steps in this weight loss program. The first step teaches the right way of thinking in regard to food and weight. Getting rid of negative thoughts towards food is an essential step. The second, third, and fourth steps are all about taking emotional control of your environment. This program places an emphasis on finding hobbies and activities to replace overeating. In other words, if you eat when you’re bored, Dr. Phil’s plan will help you choose a healthier habit.

Next in the program, is the “high-response cost, high-yield nutrition” step. This is a plan that includes foods that are high in fiber and nutrients. Since healthy meals can be costly and take awhile to prepare, many people turn to low-response cost foods, which are fattening and greasy. This plan offers recommendations on foods that you should eat every day, including vegetables, fruits, starches, and low-fat dairy products. After eating, the sixth step focuses on exercising. It’s important to include exercise in your daily life. The final step involves support. People find it easier to stay motivated when they have the support of loved ones. Learn how to avoid food pushers who will try to sabotage your diet.

Food Choices in Dr. Phil’s Diet

As mentioned above, the program divides foods up into high-response cost, high-yield and low-response cost, low-yield meals. The general idea is simply that the more planning and preparing that goes into a meal, the healthier and more fulfilling it will be. On the other hand, quick meals often lack nutrients because they don’t require as much preparation. The only healthy foods that are quick and easy to prepare are snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, and grains. This diet isn’t about cutting down on food, but rather cutting down on unhealthy foods. Five or six small, healthy meals a day will aid in weight loss more than three large ones. Overall, the eating choices for this diet are pretty flexible.

Physical Activity

This program does require a fair amount of fitness activity. At the beginning, three 20 minute workouts are required. Two of the sessions are aerobic workouts and one is strength training. The workouts and intensity levels will increase gradually for eight weeks. At week eight, you’ll be doing six 45 minute aerobic workouts and three training sessions. There are plenty of cardio workouts to choose from, including jogging, jumping rope, dancing, swimming, jumping jacks and any other aerobic exercises. Take everything slowly and never, ever push yourself.

In conclusion, Dr. Phil’s Diet plan combines psychological factors, healthy eating, and exercising for an overall beneficial program. It also emphasizes the importance of interacting with others and being involved in support groups.