How To Lose Weight


This article provides in depth information on Glucomannan.

Glucomannan contains a mix of mannose and glucose which must be combined with beta-1, 4 glucosidic linkages in a ratio of 1:1.6. In layman’s terms, Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that is soluble in water and is obtained from the root of the Konjac plant. Its main use is to help bulk up the stool through better absorption of water, which then facilitates easier passage of the stool through the colon. This is a wonderful fiber that expands and absorbs fats in the stomach. Once the fats have been absorbed they can easily be purged from the body as they will not be digested, and therefore they do not cause any calorific retention.


Glucomannan is well suited for overcoming an obesity problem, and it is also a good option for anyone who has elevated cholesterol levels and who may also have a constipation problem. The recommended dosage is two 500 milligram tablets, which need to be taken prior to consuming a meal. In addition, the tablets should also be washed down with plenty of water. Be sure to consume as much water as possible to prevent any choking. Also, remember that this is a product that must be taken with great care.

Trial studies have established that Glucomannan, when consumed in purified form and about one hour prior to a meal, has helped people lose about five and a half pounds of weight in a two month period. This indicates that this is a useful product, but its use is not entirely risk-free as some people have reported suffering side effects.

Perhaps because of these side effects, countries such as Australia have banned it. Nevertheless, in most countries it is available, and one can even purchase it online with a hundred tablets of it costing about nine dollars.


Glucomannan is a natural diuretic that is normally found in most diet supplements and is also available as tablets. It is readily available in any online pharmacy, and is quite inexpensive. According to studies on this produc,t it has been found that it is also a good option for those who wish to lose weight.


One major disadvantage is that there is no official Glucomannan websit,e and it is also unsuitable for people with a problematic esophagus. It can also be dangerous if used by diabetics and being a diuretic, it can force one to frequently urinate.

Minimal Weight Loss

According to studies on the effects of Glucomannan, there is sufficient evidence to show that it does, in fact, help in achieving at least minimal weight loss. The trouble is that it is also necessary to take it on a permanent basis. Even more worrying is the fact that this product produces side effects which prompted the FDA to issue warnings about using Glucomannan.

The conclusion that can be drawn from these facts is that it is necessary to be very careful about using the product. If it is to be consumed at all, then be sure to check out products such as Natures Way which provides a safe and effective means of controlling weight gain issues with Glucomannan.