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Grapefruit Diet

This article provides in depth information on Grapefruit Diet.

The Grapefruit Diet Plan was introduced by Kelly D. Brownell in 1930. This is among the few diet plans that has survived decades of consumer reviews and has eventually emerged as a safe and effective weight-loss approach. Today, different variations of the Grapefruit Diet have emerged, each with slight variations. However, all these diet plans have the same basic, concept, the use of grapefruit as a fat-metabolizing ingredient.

How Does Grapefruit Induce Weight Loss?

This diet approach advocates that a small portion of fresh grapefruit should be eaten prior to each main meal, or before every serving of foods that are rich in sugars and fats. This is primarily because grapefruit is among the rare fruits that combine different kinds of potent, fat-dissolving enzymes. While some citric fruits have similar enzymes, not all of their enzymes are able to function in the pH level found within the human digestive tract. However, the enzymes found in a grapefruit can function appropriately in the most acidic of human intestines. The biggest benefit of this diet plan lies in its relaxed approach, wherein dieting or starvation for long periods is not required. The individual doesn’t need to cut down on his/her serving proportions drastically. Just combining every meal with a bit of grapefruit ensures gradual, effective weight-loss.

Features That Make Grapefruit an ‘Ideal’ Choice for Diet Plans

Grapefruit is an exemplary fruit in terms of combining essential fiber along with digestible carbohydrates. Since it contains no fat, it can be eaten in ample proportions throughout the day. The taste is also appeasing as it is neither too sweet nor too tangy, ensuring that it can be eaten by people of all ages. Unlike other fruits that are rich in Vitamin C, grapefruit has a more tolerable form of citrus juices. This is critical since regular intake of vitamin C in large proportions can induce some degree of discomfort among certain people. However, this issue is never associated with the regular intake of grapefruit. Since grapefruit aids weight-loss by speeding-up the metabolic rate, the body’s state of heightened metabolism further helps in the metabolism of sugars which promotes weight loss throughout the day.

Tips for Gaining Faster Results Through the Grapefruit Diet Plan

Grapefruit can be used in either the wholesome, fruit form or as a fruit-juice for aiding weight-loss. In either form, its efficacy isn’t hampered. However, using it in the juice form is more undemanding and ensures that it is readily absorbed by the body. It is critical to ensure that the person consumes about 10 glasses of water during the grapefruit regimen. This ensures that the faster metabolism stimulated by grapefruit can be maintained for a longer period. A few dietary restrictions should also be followed. This includes avoiding foods rich in complex carbs like sweet potatoes, and some restrictions on the intake of caffeine and intermittent snacking. The best approach is to use the grapefruit diet in short stretches of about 10 days, resting for about two days, before restarting it again. This ensures that the body doesn’t get accustomed to the additional enzymes found in grapefruit, and the effectiveness of the diet plan is maintained for a longer period.