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This article provides in depth information on Gynecomastia.

The term gynecomastia is derived from Greek words that mean woman and breast. When used to describe men, it refers to especially large breasts. Such a condition normally affects young boys in their adolescent years and in almost every case, these symptoms will disappear in a few months’ time, or as soon as the adolescent becomes a young adult. Only ten percent of men suffering from Gynecomastia will continue to suffer, and this will cause feelings of shame and remorse while it will also adversely affect a man’s relationship with his own body.

What are the Causes?

There are quite a few causes for this problem, including puberty, steroid abuse, obesity, smoking marijuana, tumors, genetic disorders and a chronic liver disease. In addition, the condition is also caused by side effects of certain medications, castration, Klinefelter Syndrome, Gilbert’s syndrome and aging.

What is the remedy?

When a man suffering from gynecomastia develops the condition because of obesity, the solution to his problem lies in making an effort to lose weight, which will alter the condition to some extent, though it may not be able to totally eliminate it. In case there are other causes (besides obesity), then surgery is the answer to the problem.

Even if the physical signs start to disappear, there are psychological aspects to be sorted out. Therefore, every effort needs to be made to address the fact that physical signs of this condition will give rise to emotional distress. Overcoming this distress is a second aspect to dealing with the problem of enlarged male breasts.

Psychological Factors

The psychological distress that a person feels on account of developing gynecomastia is, indeed, very devastating. Shame, humiliation and embarrassment are common feelings which can make any man find it hard to cope with his condition. In a society that values masculinity, this condition prevents a man from feeling manly enough which can cause any male, however strong they may be, to start hating themselves. Even a simple thing like taking off his shirt in public fills his mind with dread.

Best Solution

Surgery is the best solution for treating a male enlargement problem, but it can only help to take care of the physical aspect of the problem. After the physical signs are dealt with, it is also important to address the psychological aspects. If the problem occurs on account of steroid abuse or any other reason, then there will not be much psychological distress.

One of the reasons why gynecomastia occurs is because the body starts to overproduce the female hormone called estrogen, which in turn occurs because of a liver dysfunction, and also because of obesity. Smoking marijuana is another reason why the body produces too much of estrogen.

A good natural health supplement will also help boost production of male hormones to counteract the condition. A good weight loss program can also help by making it less obvious that a person has enlarged breasts. Any weight loss program that is combined with weight lifting will also produce testosterone which suppresses production of estrogen. Products such as Clinicallix, Nuphedragen and LipoClen are all very effective in helping to alleviate the vexing problem called gynecomastia.