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How To Lose Weight After AC Section

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight After AC Section.

If you want to learn how to lose weight fast after a c-section you should do so with a bit of caution. At the outset consult your doctor before resorting to any kind of exercise or stretching routine. Remember that during the C-section your muscles were cut open and need time to heal. Any form of exercise could do irreparable damage to those muscles. Most patients are advised to rest for 6 weeks before starting any kind of strenuous activities.

However, in the interim, while the muscles and tissue is healing it would be a good idea to empty the fridge and larder of all the junk food and high-calorie foods. Keeping these foods out of reach will go a long way in helping to keep weight-gain at bay. However, if you are breast feeding the baby you should have adequate food to support the body.

Focus on a diet consisting of fresh vegetables and fruit, a bit of lean meat such as chicken and fish but not too much, brown rice, whole wheat bread and yogurts along with some cheese of the low-fat variety. You will also need to drink a lot of water, as much as 4 liters a day, this helps detoxify the body and aids the healing process while getting you on the way to lose weight fast after a c-section.

You could take to walking after the first week of delivery. This should not be a problem at all. Walk slowly for about 15 minutes each day. After a couple of weeks this could increase to brisk walking accompanied, possibly with the doctor’s advice, by some cardiovascular exercises. Cardio is the best way to burn fat.

Try getting an exer-cycle, also called a stationary cycle, and work on it slowly for half an hour each day. Do not over-do it by straining, it is enough to get the heart pumping a little faster than normal. Combined with a bit of walking you will find this to be a great way to lose weight fast after a C-section.

You need to pay special attention in your quest of losing weight fast after a c-section. These are the muscles that have been cut and will take some time to heal. While they have been in disuse they have become lax and have gathered some amount of fat deposits. Losing this fat would mean toning up the muscles of the section first.

While waiting for the healing period of six weeks to elapse you should make it a habit to flex your muscles of the abdomen starting after two weeks of the c-section. You can do this while you sit and watch television, or while you are standing in the kitchen cooking. Breathe in and hold your abdomen muscles for three seconds then relax while you breathe out. Do this every time you think about it and you will soon learn this is not only how to lose weight fast after a C-section but it is the most effective way too.