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How To Lose Weight Fast After 40

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight Fast After 40.

The good old bathroom scales just seem to keep adding numbers every time you get on them once you’ve crossed forty. The reason for this is a change in the metabolism and lifestyle of the individual. Making changes to ones lifestyle is best way of learning how to lose weight fast after 40.

If one wants to know how to lose weight fast after 40 the first and most important thing to do is to record what is eaten through a week or ten days without actually trying to change it around to suit the record. Just go the natural way and make a note of everything that is eaten and drunk through the week or ten days. This will give one a good idea of how many calories are consumed. Then cut down on them.

The next thing in line is to make a note of all the activities one is involved in during that period. Make a note of how long one sits in front of the TV, works in the garden, walks or drives around. Once these two important activities are documented and studied one can chalk out a plan and decide how to lose weight fast after 40.

If the intake of food seems to be in excess, which in most cases it will be, then a drastic change must be made to cut down on the calories. Now, just cutting down on the calories is not going to help the metabolism, which seems to have a mind of its own. If the metabolism gets used to a certain number of calories over a period of time and suddenly the calories are stopped the metabolism just switches over to burning lesser calories. It is not as if the metabolism will turn on the fat stores in the system with a vengeance, depleting it all the time. If the calorie intake ceases or reduces it will just slow down the burning of calories. This lengthens the fat loss process considerably.

Now begin with a radical change in the diet and exercise routine to confuse the metabolism. Begin the day with a drink of room temperature water, not chilled. Drink at least two glasses of water followed by a cut of tea or coffee or any drink of your choice that is not the regular drink you have been having every morning. Keep the sugar down to a minimum – like half the quantity you are used to. Have a biscuit or two with the drink. Keep off the breads.

Breakfast should consist of fruit or cereal with some milk-based drink or curds. Try to change to green leafy vegetables in place of the meats and processed foods you have doubtlessly been eating through the past few years before trying to learn how to lose weight fast after 40. Drink a lot of fluids to fill up the stomach and leave no place for solid foods. This will keep you from over eating.

Remember to stop eating at least 15 minutes before you feel full. It takes the brain 20 minutes to know that the stomach is full. If you keep eating during this fifteen minutes you will overeat and this food will be stored as fat in the body.

Last of all, but most importantly, double your activities. If you sit for 2 hours before the television reduce that to one hour or less. Stand if you can instead of sitting, walk to the store instead of driving, do an hour of gardening or cleaning around the house and make a routine to walk for half an hour every day. This is the best way advice to lose weight fast after 40.