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How To Lose Weight Fast After Christmas

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight Fast After Christmas.

Christmas is a time when one just gets into the holiday mood, forgetting work and exercise. However, with friends and relatives around it is easy to forget counting calories as well. This leads to a lot of weight gain and then to the frantic search of how to lose weight fast after Christmas.

This could be easier said than done – for many of us at least. However, if one looks as the reasons for gaining weight during the Christmas season, the reversal of the process could be employed to figure out how to lose weight fast after Christmas. Because the cause of weight gain is extra calories and reduced exercise anyone can reverse the process of weight gain by reversing the intake of food and increasing exercise.

Here are a few ways one can learn how to lose weight fast after Christmas

Start with setting an exercise routine that should not be longer than three hours a day. This could surprise many, but scheduling an exercise program for three hours daily is not such a boring job. It is not about aerobics and pumping iron for three hours daily. That could become quite a bore admittedly.

However, working around the garden, cleaning up the home, washing the car, walking the dog, painting the garage, trimming the hedges all amount to a lot of hard work – and a whole load of fun too. Anything that manages to work up a sweat is hard work and it helps burn calories. Sticking to a schedule like this, sweating it out for three hours daily without actually feeling like work, could lead to you learning how to lose weight fast after Christmas and keeping the weight off too!

When it comes to eating try to keep away from the leftovers of Christmas. Remember that these are the very foods that contributed to your gaining that extra weight in the first place. So, go on a diet that will offer you minimum calories while you concentrate on burning them.

Another way to lose weight fast after Christmas is to switch over to a full vegetarian diet for a month after Christmas. This will counter the red meats, fish and chicken you have been eating during the festive season not to mention the cakes, sweets and drinks. Cut off alcohol completely for a month. Alcohol in any form is fattening so keep away from it for a while and when you return keep its intake to a minimum like a small peg every alternate day at the most.

Immediately after Christmas turn to soups and baked food for a week. This will help reduce a few pounds without you even putting in an effort to do so. Then when the pangs begin to hit fill up with drinks of the non-aerated kind with a sugar substitute or half the sugar you are used to. Eat small amounts frequently instead of large meals at fixed times. This process when followed for a month after Christmas will turn out to be the best technique one can use in their quest of losing weight fast after Christmas.