How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight Fast And Healthy

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight Fast And Healthy.

You may want to lose weight fast and healthy for many reasons. One reason is to remain healthy as mentioned but the other reasons to want to lose weight may be for an upcoming event like a high school reunion or some other similar reason. There a good number of ways one can shed multiple pounds within a short period of time, but is it safe? Experts say that the maximum weight one should aim to shed over a week is a maximum of 2 pounds without risking the health of vital organs.

Do not try to achieve over-night miracle weight loss results instead read through the following tips on how to lose weight fast and healthy:

Begin with making note of how many calories you are consuming each day and how many calories you are burning. Losing weight is nothing more than partaking in activities and eating wisely. You should know what it is that is adding pounds to your body and what it is that is removing them. Try to put these down on paper and get a better understanding on where changes need to be made. Remember that you are not expected to be more than 80 percent accurate.

Then go over the list of foods and decide which of the foods and drinks you can cut out all together or have them as a special treat once a month or less frequently. If you like butter you could probably cut it down or substitute it with a lower calorie and fat brand. Cut out alcohol completely for a few months at least. Alcohol is one contributing factor for weight gain.

If you must eat meat then make lean meats a choice for yourself. Chicken, fish, and other sea foods are a good source for low calories. However, keep off the processed fish and chicken products. All processed foods are bad for weight.

Do we need to mention junk food here? Finger chips, macaroni, burgers, potato wafers, sodas and the likes are all foods that need to be cut off from the diet list. These are also called ‘side foods’ and they are literally designed to add pounds to even the leanest figures. Need we say more?

Make it a habit to begin your day right. Have a lean breakfast of oatmeal, yogurt, low-calorie high-fiber cereals instead of the fattening eggs, ham and bacon with breads. Even that extra teaspoon of sugar or extra cube of it could add up over the days and also add up pounds too. So cut down on your sugar intake in any form and this could be enough for you to lose a few pounds over a few months but not enough to lose weight fast and healthy over a short period of time.

Never fall into the trap of skipping breakfast. This is one meal that jump-starts the metabolism and helps increase the metabolism of the individual in turn burning some excessive fat. It also puts a stop to the snacking before lunch another contributing factor to weight gain.