How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight Fast By Fasting

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight Fast By Fasting.

Many people choose to lose weight by fasting because fasting offers many other benefits as well. When you choose to lose weight by fasting you also choose to save on time you spend eating, lose body fat, enhancing your alertness and focus, raising your organ, muscle and bone mass and increasing your growth hormone levels, and improving your immune functions.

First you should decide the period you will fast of. You could keep a fast intermittently or continuously. If you choose to fast intermittently you will be fasting every alternate day but if you choose a continuous fast you will just be keeping to a fat-loss diet for an extended period of time. This is recommended for people wanting to lose a lot of weight and keep it off as it gradually induces a lifestyle change essential to keep weight gain away.

You could go on what is called a ‘warrior diet’. This is a technique where the individual wanting to lose weight will eat one meal a day and fast for the next 23 hours surviving only on water.

Another way to lose weight fast by fasting is to cut out the fats and carbohydrates along with other fattening foods from your diet. This is a recommended way to lose weight by fasting because it changes the lifestyle gradually so far as eating is concerned at least. Here the individual makes a list of fresh vegetables and fruits along with some selected drinks and then sticks to this diet for an extended period of time slowly burning the stored fat cells in the process.

Going on a fruit diet is one way you could lose some extra pounds you have picked up during the holiday season. Get yourself some fruit such as papayas, bananas (though not too many), citrus fruit such as oranges, lemons and pineapples, apples, grape fruit and some nuts (again not too many). Prepare yourself a fruit salad and indulge yourself a few times a day eating a small meal either in the morning or in the evenings (mornings are better).

Switch to green tea along with some diet biscuits or crackers to ward off the hunger pangs that are definitely going to attack with a vengeance the first few days. This is a passing phase and the person dieting will soon get used to these pangs that will cease to bother them after a few days. The first few days are hard that’s all.

Drink a lot of water while on your diet to lose weight. The water will fill the stomach and will help clean the system as well.

When ending your diet do not attack food as if it were going out of fashion. This will defeat the whole exercise to lose weight. The idea here is to change your eating habits and in turn your total body look and weight over a period of time. A lot of people have acquired a whole new look just by dieting and losing weight. It takes some effort but the results are worth it.