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How To Lose Weight Fast By Starving

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight Fast By Starving.

Are you extremely impatient when it comes to losing weight? Do you have an important event to attend in a few days and you need to look outstanding in your new dress? Well, whether impatient or short on time for an upcoming event starvation is your ticket for the express route to losing weight rapidly. It is a known scientific fact that when your body goes under starvation, you lose weight much faster than you would during a healthy diet. The reason for that is that when your body is starving, it resorts to the conserved energy, that is fat and muscles. Now since muscles contain around 75% water and fat only 50%, you lose muscle mass before fat. However fear not because you are not losing actual muscle. If it helps think of it is a hibernation period for your muscles.

This is because you just lose water weight, which is very easy to gain back. That is why when you are starving yourself to weight loss, the best thing to do is consume lots and lots of cold water. Having a lot of water in your body hydrates you. You won’t have to face the embarrassing problem of constipation and irritating stomach aches. Your skin will glow and you will lose weight. The low temperature of the cold water will cause the body to burn its fat in order to produce heat to warm the water up to body temperature. On another not, the kidneys can filter out our entire body’s water supply in just 5 minutes. With that in mind you would not have to worry about having too much water in your stomach. You may just have to make a few extra trips to the bathroom.

Another advantage of losing weight fast through starvation is that in more than most cases the weight loss is temporary. This means that you can easily gain back the few pounds you lost by starving yourself. Now in case you don’t want to do this and make your weight loss a bit more permanent, there are ways to do that. You should not literally starve yourself. Put yourself on a liquid diet and green leafy vegetable salads with an unnoticeable hint of dressing. There is absolutely no reason for your body to lose its nutrition just because you are going through weight loss and the green vegetables do just that.

You should also eat supplementary pills or multi-vitamins because they will substitute for the missing food nutrition. So even if your body is starving it won’t be sick due to malnourishment. As for their consumption, since you are going on a starvation journey, you might want to eat up to 3 to 4 pills of your choice before every meal just to stay healthy. If you are self determined to achieve your goals then you will be successful. But you need to make sure to not starve yourself to weight loss too frequently as it can occasionally be hazardous to health.