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How To Lose Weight Fast By Swimming

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight Fast By Swimming.

Many people report feeling and looking better after a month or two of swimming. The popular belief is that it is possible to lose weight while swimming but experts say that nothing can be further from the truth. Though a lot of people do lose weight by swimming regularly – these people are usually expert swimmers and know how to use their muscles properly others just fumble around in the water and manage to move a bit while staying afloat.

If you are an expert swimmer the movement and the strokes will be very efficient and this makes swimming an excellent aerobic exercise. Swimming has fewer impacts on the joints unlike land exercises like walking fast or running. If you maintain a good form and longer faster laps you can achieve some level of weight loss and a lot of conditioning.

If you want to lose weight fast by swimming you should practice on improving your technique and use formal strokes. Swimmers with smooth-flowing strokes burn more calories than those who jump in and begin to frantically swim about in the pool. The better you master the techniques of swimming the more you will be able to burn calories and lose weight.

Alternate between styles such as freestyles, butterfly and leisurely swimming such as back stroke, breaststroke and sidestroke. Swim one lap of breaststroke or butterfly and then one lap of freestyle. This will vary your heart rate that will burn more calories faster and effectively.

Keep an aye on the clock while you are in the pool. Get an idea of how long it takes you to complete one lap of the pool and try to constantly improve your timing. Increasing your swimming speed will allow you to burn more calories faster.

Begin by swimming slowly and build up your speed over a couple of weeks. Start with two to three sessions in a week and keep each session to a maximum time period of one hour. Then slowly increase the number of swimming sessions to 7 in a week. Begin each session with a half minute warm up and rest for half a minute. Do this about five times. Soon you will be completing as much as thirty laps with out stopping.

Cycling or running tends to reduce the persons appetite. However swimming is different. Many swimmers report hunger after swimming for some time. Ward off the hunger pangs by drinking a lot of water or pop a couple of nuts in your mouth but don’t fall into the trap of replacing the calories you have just burned by swimming.

Keep swimming consistently. Sticking to a routing over an extended period of time is what leads to weight loss. If swimming is your kind of enjoyment then you should make it a way to reduce fat and have a healthier and greater looking body.