How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight Fast Healthily Or Unhealthily

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight Fast Healthily Or Unhealthily.

Quickly reducing weight either in a healthy or unhealthy fashion is a two way street for most people. This is because if you are patient with yourself, then you would like to lose weight in a healthy fashion. However if you want to be able to witness the results with your own eyes fairly quickly then you are bound to go down the unhealthy lane. Here are a few tips for both fast healthy and unhealthy weight loss.

Healthy Weight Loss

Increase your water intake. Make sure you consume cold water. In fact, cool it down as much as you can and as much as you can drink. Avoid getting a brain-freeze. The reason for doing this is that the colder the water is the more calories your body will burn bringing it up to body temperature. Same goes for all the other cold drinks that you consume. This is one of the easiest ways to healthily lose weight.

Modify your diet in a way that it contains protein rich food like skinless chicken and lots of vegetables. Green vegetables are a must because they are very good for the body. Avoid simple and complex carbohydrates at any and all costs. One very effective home remedy is eating six to eight skinless almonds soaked in water over night, every morning. This will help increase your metabolism rate.

Start exercising because it will regulate the burning of your body fat and it won’t constantly accumulate in one place. You can initiate walking or jogging, or if you feel that you are the high intensity type, then joining a gym will be helpful. There you can start weight exercises that will help you build muscle mass and reduce the fat in your body.

Make fat burning supplements a part of your diet. Consume one to two tablets before each meal or as directed by your physician. This will help you effectively burn your excess fat, in case you do not want to put yourself through rigorous exercise routines.

Unhealthy Weight Loss

Crash dieting is one the easiest and highest recommended ways to quickly and unhealthily reduce weight. This requires you to extremely restrict your diet to certain products and consume a specific number of calories daily. This means that at times you will feel starved but if you have consumed your required calories for the day, then you may not consume more.

When the body feels starved it automatically goes to the reserved energy and starts burning it. This burns the muscles and the fat causing drastic weight loss. Diet pills are a major constituent of crash dieting because they help supply the body with adequate minerals, proteins, vitamins and nutrients. This is because the food restrictions can cause a deficiency of energy in the body.

The difference in results is quite simple. Through healthy weight loss you will notice results in about a month or so, but with unhealthy weight loss you can lose up to two pounds weekly.