How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight Fast In A Week

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight Fast In A Week.

Anyone who says a week is not a long enough time to lose weight is wrong. You can easily reduce a few pounds in a week. And you can do it from your home, by yourself. You have to just make sure that you don’t lose over four pounds in that week because if you do, it is very unhealthy and can get you sick. You should start by making a restricted diet plan, a calorie map and a daily routine.

Get up early in the morning. The morning breeze is very soothing and refreshes the body. Have a glass of juice and go out for a walk and spend 30 minutes to an hour walking in different paces. You can experiment with your pace, your walking technique and what not. After you return you must have the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

Have a couple of slices of some fruits, like apples or oranges. Eat a full banana because it gives the body potassium. Have a glass of juice and water. Refrain from consuming caffeine because it causes all the nutrients to flush out before being absorbed by the body. You can drink green tea. It is an excellent drink loaded with anti-oxidants and is very refreshing.

Have a healthy lunch that is not too filling. In fact, space your lunch out. Divide your regular meal in half and have the first half at your regular lunchtime and the second half when your body demands more food in a few hours. Now, most people believe that after a meal they should lie down or rest in order for the food to digest. This is a very big misconception.

A lot of the blood is diverted to the stomach to digest the food, which causes the sleepiness in people after meals. However if you lie down or sleep right after the meals, then the entire digestion process slows down and the body does not digest food absorb the nutrients to the capacity it can. That is why you should always walk for about 10 to 15 minutes after a meal to let the blood circulate smoothly and have easy digestion.

You can consume supplements like diet pills, colon cleansers and fat burning pills because they all help the speed up the digestive system and keep the intestines smoothly functional. Increase your water intake to keep your body sufficiently hydrated at all times. In addition to that cut down of terminate your alcohol consumption. Alcohol causes dehydration in the body, and to cover that up you will naturally drink a lot of water. This will cause you to gain water weight, which you do not need.

Never sleep with a full stomach because your body will not be able to process it all. During sleep the body goes into a standby mode and uses less energy. That is why doctors always advise to sleep with a partially empty stomach. Overall, with a bit of patience and dedication you will reduce a few pounds in a week.