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How To Lose Weight Fast On Atkins

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight Fast On Atkins.

The popularity of the Atkins Diet has long been debated in many different circles around the globe, including the medical fraternity, where weight loss is a primary issue of discussion and thus, it is not surprising to find that even 50 years since it was first developed by Dr. Robert Atkins, this diet plan continues to rank high on the list of those keen to slim down successfully.

At its very core, the Atkins diet is based on a low carbs, high protein only approach created by a medical doctor in the sixties; when it was first introduced to the general public, it was thought this weight loss approach would only work with celebrities or the rich and famous as it cut out on many food types that were on the daily meal plans of most American families. However, over time, regular folk also started taking to the Atkins diet having found that the basic premise of lowered consumption of carbs-rich food items as the plan recommends, is a healthy one that replaces carbohydrates with lean protein and essential fat and thus keeps the natural nutritional balance going for the human body, which is a scientifically tested approach to sustained weight loss.

You can lose weight fast on Atkins diet by cutting back on the tendency to over-eat carbs, especially useful if your body is accustomed to a high carbs only diet and needs to re-channel the weight loss process by eliminating these danger foods that store unwanted weight. This is because Dr. Atkins found during his research prior to launching the Atkins diet plan that it is our body’s manner of processing carbs consumed that affects our weight gain patterns not the quantity of fat eaten, as most people attribute their reasons for weight gain as.

Thus, for losing weight fast on Atkins, the approach is remedy any cases of insulin resistance that affects many people and this can be done best by limiting simple carbohydrates, which are typically found in pre-packaged or store bought processed food times, like chips, cookies, sodas etc.

Make any change in your daily diet plan gradually so you give your body a chance to get adjusted to the change in eating pattern for sustained weight loss, says the creator of the plan. So, as an avid weight watcher, if you want to lose weight fast on the Atkins, reduce your carbs intake to 40 grams or less per day and you are on your way to bringing on Ketosis, the recommended stage during the weight loss program that will help your body turn fat into fuel.

When you reach the Ketosis bodily process it will positively affect insulin production so fat formation is reduced and this fat transforms into essential fuel in a way that carbohydrate cravings subside over a period of time. Soon you find you don’t miss the harmful carbs in your foods anymore!

To get best results in weight loss fast on Atkins, include 2-3 cups of salad daily with recommended veggie servings like escarole, fennel, mushrooms, cucumber, lettuce etc. and garnish with bits of bacon bits, little grated cheese even a hard-boiled egg if you like. Supplement this approach with drinking 8 glasses of tap, mineral or spring water daily and only drink decaf coffee or herbal tea, if you must have beverages.

Finally, follow the 14-day induction stage of the Atkins diet plan strictly and keep only to the permissible foods as outlined by Dr. Atkins to ensure sustained, safe and effective weight loss is achieved fast.