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How To Lose Weight Fast On Your Hips

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight Fast On Your Hips.

For many people, shedding weight from the hips or thighs is like a distant dream, but thanks to latest scientific research, proven ways of losing weight fast from problem areas and targeted fat loss equipment, not to mention the availability of exercise videos, tutorials and articles on fat loss from the hips, the dream of shaping up one’s bottom half can be realized.

Of course, this may require considerable effort for those who have a genetic tendency towards being hip heavy or even those who have suddenly put on a lot of weight on their hips due to medical problems, wrong eating habits, lack of proper exercise or other lifestyle diseases. But, the main thing is that it can be done with a little bit of discipline and regular follow-through of a medically supervised or professionally designed weight loss on the hips programs that should ideally be customized for an individual’s specific body type by an expert.

Some people may think that losing weight on the hips is the most difficult goal among any fat loss programs, say, as those aiming for losing weight from the abdomen or even their arms. But, what such people need to remember is that thinking positive thoughts and focusing on strengthening their core leg and butt muscle groups via a balanced exercise and nutritional program is the best way to realize their dream of slimmer, toned hips.

This is because targeted weight loss from the hips is possible, but with a customized approach and not a generic one-size-fits all type solution, which many unethical, non-certified lose weight fast on your hips programs seem to falsely assure the public of.

One must keep in mind that with the personally designed cardio exercise program combined with proper weight training (like squats and dead lifts), there can be a significant difference to their butt.

If you want to lose weight fast on your hips, you must try to educate yourself about the main butt muscles in order to learn which are the ones you will be targeting during your exercise program; these include the gluteus muscles, which are divided into 3 types – namely, the Gluteus maximus, the Gluteus medius and the Gluteus minimus.

The first of these core butt muscles is the gluteus maximus, which is your butt’s largest muscle; this is the one you need to primarily concentrate on for getting shapelier, smaller hips.

The gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus can be focused upon once this main muscle called the gluteus maximus (this holds up your pelvis whenever you walk) has been targeted effectively for hip reduction exercises, like doing hip extensions, external rotations, transverse abductions as well as adduction strengthening exercises for improving the toning of your hips.

Whichever form of exercise is most highly recommended for your body type and hip size, including sets and repetitions, don’t forget that specific butt exercises designed for your fat loss on your hips programs by a qualified instructor should be such that all core muscle groups get a chance to work out individually as well as collectively, wherever possible.

This is vital for ensuring that moving the thigh backwards, forwards, outwards and bent at the hips or even keeping the hips straight but requiring an inward movement of the thighs is achievable with a comfortable ‘burn’ experienced on the muscles involved so that butt-flab gets transformed into slimmer, toned and shapelier hips.