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How To Lose Weight Fast Schedule

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight Fast Schedule.

Many dieters who have tried the latest fad diets or newest exercise products to hit the shelves have experienced the ill effects of yo-yo dieting but never learned how to stop it. However, all that is needed to keep things in check when on a healthy weight loss program is to stick to a medically approved and supervised fast weight loss schedule. Yes, it’s as simple as that!

If you too have been troubled by the slow progress of your dieting goals and stuck for inspiration or advice regarding reaching your dream weight, then read through this article for picking up practical tips about losing weight fast by using a schedule to do so! After all, you have nothing to lose – except perhaps, a few extra pounds! (We did mean the meaty ones here, not the currency!!)

To begin with, you need to understand that to stay on a fast weight loss schedule, you need to get a certain sense of balance that will help you achieve fat loss quickly, but without compromising on your health.

Start with ascertaining how many calories are required to keep you going on the diet according to your lifestyle, medical condition and your ultimate weight loss goal by consulting a trained physical fitness expert, a dietician or a medical doctor.

You can need to find out your BMR, which is Basal Metabolic Rate; this is calculated in kilo calories and determined by measuring your body weight x 15 added to the moderate level of activity you undertake per minutes in a day multiplied by 3.5 Now, in order to shed the extra weight, you must have a target BMR rate, from which approx 500 kcal can be subtracted to get the ideal calories you must consume in order to get on the lose weight fast schedule.

For example, if your weight in pounds is 140 and you undertake 20 minutes of moderate physical activity through the day on a daily basis, your BMR would be calculated as follows: (140 x 15) added to (20 x 3.5) which equals 2100 + 70, giving you the solution of 2170 kcal. Now, you need to subtract 500kcal from this number, which is 2170 – 500, equaling 1670 kcal. Thus, you arrive at the ideal lose weight fast schedule’s count of 1670 kcal as the recommended daily calorie intake for losing 1 pound per week. This is not only a realistic goal, but also a healthy one, say medical experts.

However, for those who don’t have too much weight to lose, for example, those who need to only shed 5 to 10 pounds to get to their ideal weight range, an easier option for calculating daily calorie intake is to use one of the free online calorie calculators available on many established weight loss fast websites. These are free web tools that website visitors can use when searching the portal for tips and advice regarding using a new lose weight fast schedule to accurately calculate the amount of daily calories they need in order to achieve a slimmer, attractive body in a safe, smart and balanced way.