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How To Lose Weight Fast With PCOS

This article provides in depth information on How To Lose Weight Fast With PCOS.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which the medical fraternity knows as PCOS, is one of the most common ovarian disorders in women. It rarely happens because it is only present amongst 5% to 10% women of reproductive age (this is regarded as the period from 12 to 45 years of age) but can be quite distressing for the women diagnosed with this condition since it can make losing weight a real challenge for them

One of the biggest effects of this disorder on the body is weight gain and obesity. Due to the nature of this disorder, it becomes very difficult to manage weight, let alone reduce it.

However, one should never give up even though circumstances may look grim and one wants to look smart and trim, but even with PCOS diagnosis, one can lose weight fast with a few effective weight loss techniques in place. We discuss some of these below; so do read on for practical tips to lose weight fast with PCOS.

The first thing to do when diagnosed with this condition is to try and control your weight. If you keep gaining weight and do not act on it, then this disorder will lead to more problems, some much more severe and hazardous to health. These include hormonal imbalance, diabetes, irregular periods, heart disease and high cholesterol. However, women with PCOS can reduce or at least control their weight significantly by making some strict lifestyle changes. These include combining a restrictive calorie intake regime besides different forms of aerobic exercise to reduce weight. Remember, all this should be a part of a medically supervised program that also allows you to form a regular daily routine you can follow realistically in the weeks to come.

Patients suffering from PCOS can start noticing improvement in their health and fading in their PCOS symptoms even after losing just 5% to 10% of their body weight. To do this, you have to really cut the carbohydrates in your diet. This is because PCOS patients have a resistance to insulin, which causes more LDL (bad cholesterol) and less HDL (good cholesterol) to be present in the body.

It is therefore advisable for such patients to consume foods with a low glycemic index as these will not cause a sharp rise and fall in the blood sugar levels. It is very important for you to find the right levels and types of carbohydrates also, because they will provide you with more energy and aid the overall fitness of the body.

Furthermore, by adding exercise to your lifestyle in addition to the dietary recommendations, PCOS patients will also enjoy lower blood pressure levels, increased HDL levels that will help them burn a lot of calories and also keep them feeling good while looking great! Finally, if in addition to aerobic exercises, such patients can take up weight training, women will shape up faster, become stronger and leaner and thus, trimmer! So, start off with 1 kg or 2 kg weights and gradually build your way up and probably stop around 6 kg or 7 kg; maintain that for a while. This changed lifestyle is very essential for achieving consistent weight loss, but if you are dedicated enough, then even with severe PCOS, you can expect to shape up and slim down fast!