How To Lose Weight

Losing Weight the Herbal Way

This article provides in depth information on Losing Weight the Herbal Way.

A new wave has swept over Americans in recent times which focuses on getting fit and then staying fit! People are finally wising up to the advantages of staying healthy and losing that extra bit of flab on their body. Regular exercise sessions are definitely helpful, but a large number of people prefer to lose weight the herbal way. This does not, however, mean that you have to put a full stop to your regular exercise sessions. Herbal derivatives would speed up your weight loss regimen to a great extent if you are in the habit of working out on a regular basis.

Herbs to Fire up the Metabolism

Our plants and trees have blessed us with various herbs that help in firing up the metabolism of the body. Carbohydrates that we consume with foods is converted to fat with the help of these herbs, and a certain percentage of this fat is then burned while the rest is evenly distributed all over the body. There are certain herbs that act as laxatives and appetite suppressants. On the other hand, some herbs energize you by providing your body with the required nutrients. You can then hit the gym or carry out exercise sessions to lose weight. The basic concept involved in losing weight the herbal way is the speeding up of the metabolic functions of the body. If you eat well, exercise significantly, and take various herbal supplements on a regular basis, you can steer clear of obesity.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is one of the most effective herbs that is used for a number of purposes. The herb is used to treat diseases of the liver and for detoxification of the colon. This herb also has the property to burn extra calories that you would consume with the food you eat. Green tea, with its inherent caffeine, can burn a lot of fat. Studies have shown that people who use the herb lost twice as much weight as their ‘non-herbal’ counterparts in an equal span of time.

Various Herbs to Promote Weight Loss

Herbs like fenugreek seeds and Senna leaves are natural laxatives and help in dissolving fat within the liver. These herbs should be taken with water because regular intake might expose you to a mild risk of dehydration. These two herbs also act as natural lubricants for the intestinal tracts and help in getting rid of the unwanted calories and fats in the intestines. Here is a list of some herbs that have magical powers when it comes to weight reduction:

• Kola nuts: Appetite suppressants • Burdock: Natural diuretic and improves metabolism • Cardamom: Anti-spasmodic and helps in proper digestion • Gymnema leaves: Destroyers of sugar • Gugulipid: Lowers bad cholesterol levels • Dandelion Root: Natural tonic and stimulant • Fennel and Flax Seed: Natural laxatives and diet suppressants

You can include these herbs in your daily meals, and given that these herbs have few side effects, you do not expose yourself to the risk of serious illnesses or diseases, but can lose significant amounts of weight in a relatively short period of time.