How To Lose Weight

Low Carb Diet

This article provides in depth information on Low Carb Diet.

With so many celebrities endorsing a low carb diet, many people have started limiting their intake of carbohydrates. However, before getting started, it is important to read up more on the subject and gain as much knowledge as needed to ensure consistent success.

Information is Vital

There are many myths surrounding a low carb diet such as it is unhealthy or it is very boring. However, these are not true. Most doctors and science in general suggests cutting down carbohydrates in the diet to ensure better health and weight loss as well. People often assume that a diet low in carbohydrates would have no fruit or vegetables and that it is bound to be unhealthy. However, this is not the case because with the right range of complex carbohydrates and high protein, it is possible to remain in optimal health.


There are several benefits to incorporating a low carb diet. Some of these benefits include weight loss, increased levels of HDL or good cholesterol, improved triglycerides, lower blood glucose levels, better insulin sensitivity, lower insulin levels, reduced blood pressure, ketogenic diets, which are great for treatment of seizures. People on such a low carbohydrate diet tend to feel more energy, experience lesser cravings towards sweets, do not experience any more emotional or compulsive eating, have better mental focus, better dental hygiene and improved mood.

How to Reduce Carbohydrates

To reduce the presence of carbohydrates in the food, it is crucial to avoid sugary beverages, especially since they have less nutrition and more calories. These days, there are many sugar-free drinks, which are a good substitute. Increasing vegetable intake in the diet – the non-starchy varieties – avocado, cauliflower, mushrooms, greens etc., will limit carbohydrates but enhance nutritional value. Healthy fats can curb food cravings and incorporating nuts, olive oil, flax seeds, fatty fish are all healthy choices. A daily intake of high protein foods is essential and as per dietary recommendations, 35% of the diet can comprise proteins. It is necessary to limit portion sizes of high carbohydrate foods.

Useful Substitutes

To ensure sticking to a low carb diet, it is important to replace all high carb foods with the low-carb versions. Choosing low-carb tortillas, breads and crisp breads with high fiber are good alternatives to white bread. Alternatives to the traditional pasta include Shirataki noodles, Spaghetti Squash etc. Oatmeal makes for an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. Instead of potatoes, mashed cauliflowers, celery root etc. work well.

The Right Carb Level

The ideal level of carbohydrates to consume when on a low carb diet is to choose a level where there are no food cravings and where the individual is able to lose weight or at least maintain existing weight. The recommended allowance of carbohydrates is around 250 or 300 grams per day. Weight gains or carb cravings are a sign to reduce carbohydrate intake.

There are many low carb diet variations in the market these days such as Atkins, South Beach, Zone, Sugar Busters, and so many more. It is important to try out the diet to see if it works for the individual. Once a low carb diet is chosen, weight loss is just around the corner.