How To Lose Weight

Minerals and Weight Loss

This article provides in depth information on Minerals and Weight Loss.

There is a lot of emphasis today on maintaining the right body weight. This is because being overweight holds a lot of potential for ill health. There are several diseases that easily accompany obesity which would include stroke, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, and hypertension. In fact a statement by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases has linked the larger proportion of heart disease cases in the US to excessive body fat. Also, obese or overweight people have more than double the risk of developing hypertension. All these points and others have been responsible for the clamor for weight loss methods.

Link between Minerals and Weight Loss

There are several methods that can be effectively employed in helping the body to lose weight, and more methods keep cropping up. One of the methods currently undergoing further research is the connection between minerals and weight loss. Scientists are beginning to understand better the functions of minerals in shedding excess body fat. The problem of obesity results from the excessive storage of fat in the body and several times, this is usually due to poor metabolism. Minerals however improve the body’s metabolism such that instead of being readily converted to fat, energy is efficiently distributed and utilized in the body. The connection between certain minerals and weight loss is examined below.


This is the most popular mineral associated with weight loss and a lot of research is being done on it. There have been several claims about the almost miraculous effect of chromium in helping the body burn excess fat. Chromium certainly has a role in weight control but nothing as spectacular as what is being said about it. Basically, chromium has been said to increase the efficiency of insulin action. Insulin is required in glucose administration and metabolism in the cells of the body especially in storage and transportation across cell membranes. Chromium aids the action of insulin through efficient utilization. It has also been said that chromium works by suppressing the appetite and prevents unnecessary food intake.


Dietary zinc can be found in lean beef, eggs, chicken, shellfish, wheat germ and lentils. The role of Zinc in weight loss can be seen in the suppression of the appetite. As a result there is a lesser craving for food and a more efficient utilization of the body’s energy stores. Zinc also has a role to play in the synthesis of thyroid hormone which is important in the body’s metabolism.


This mineral plays a vital role in fat metabolism and also in the synthesis of thyroid hormone. It has also been linked to efficient utilization of blood glucose. Dietary sources include green vegetables, nuts, oatmeal and pineapples.

While minerals have some roles to play in weight loss, the best method is still maintaining a balance between food intake and exercise. Without this balance, even minerals and a solid weight loss concept would be ineffective.