How To Lose Weight

Popcorn Diet

This article provides in depth information on Popcorn Diet.

With an increasing number of people looking towards fad diets for accelerated weight loss, the popcorn diet is a very popular variation at the moment. Since snacking can easily add up to calories, having popcorn as an alternative to sugary or high-fat snacks ensures fast and easy weight loss.

Choosing Popcorn

When making popcorn, it is best to choose oil-free and 94% fat free versions. When making it at home, it is best to use an air popper because it provides complete control on the mechanism of preparation. The popcorn should not be buttered because in this way, it would have 75% fewer calories compared to regular popcorn. Popcorn, which is cooked with oil will have four times the calories. Using spices is a better topping alternative as opposed to butter or caramel, which add up the calories quickly.

About the Diet

There was a review of the popcorn diet on Diet Bites, which claimed a person could have a slimmer figure once they followed the diet. However, people believe that since the diet only concentrates on one food, popcorn, it can have downfalls as well. Apart from the fiber content, popcorn does not really help with the nutritional requirements of the body. In addition, the debate as to whether popcorn is low calorie or not depends on the method in which it has been prepared and the toppings used on it. Concentrating on only one food might trigger hunger cravings since all nutritional requirements are not being met.

Only for Snacks

Many people are of the belief that the popcorn diet only encompasses one food, popcorn. However, this is not the case. Along with popcorn, the diet should include healthy lean sources of meat as well as plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. The popcorn is only for snacking when there is a craving to munch on something. The popcorn should be without any fatty toppings in its natural state, without oil or fat. Therefore, by cutting down on salty or sugary treats and only sticking to popcorn during snacking, a person is bound to lose weight successfully.

High Fiber

One of the reasons why the popcorn diet seems to have caught on is because of the high content of fiber. A single cup of popcorn contains as much as 0.9 grams fiber and it is also low in fat as well as calories. In its natural state, it does not contain sodium, unless it is externally added. With more fiber, popcorn helps satisfy cravings and flush out toxins from the colon. The only downside of the diet could be in terms of taste. Since no seasoning, salt or butter should be added it can be rather bland, which can make adhering to the diet difficult.

Having smaller meal portions each day and sticking to a high protein diet works best in losing weight. In addition, whenever there is a craving for snacks, it is best to stick to plain, unsalted, unbuttered popcorn during the popcorn diet. Drinking plenty of water and eliminating fatty foods in the diet will certainly help produce the intended results.