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Protein Power Diet

This article provides in depth information on Protein Power Diet.

The Protein Power Diet, or PP Diet, is a popular low-carb, high-protein weight loss plan. It was created by married couple Michael R. Eades and Mary Dan Eades, both of whom are medical doctors. The principle behind the PP Diet is the restriction of refined carbohydrates. Even though the plan is easy to follow, there is an emphasis placed on learning the role of different nutrients in the body. For the most part, the diet is the same for everyone, although the carb level varies from one individual to the next. If you need to modify the menu a bit for your own personal needs, you will be able to do so.

Protein Power Diet Basics

The menu is divided into small, medium, and large servings. The servings of carbohydrates are different for every phase of the diet. In the beginning stages, you can eat two small servings of carbohydrates per meal. Small servings include ½ cup of raspberries or avocado, 1 cup of green beans, 1 slice of bread, and unlimited spinach. It’s important to determine the amount of protein your body needs. The Eades provide a protein chart based on height and weight. The average amount of protein an individual needs each day is 100-125 grams.

Food Choices

The PP Diet is ideal for everybody but vegetarians. This is because tofu isn’t the main source of protein. The protein in this diet comes from steak, poultry, low-fat cheese, fish, and eggs. Those who want to lose fat rather than weight should only eat 30 grams of carbohydrates a day. Fiber is also important. In the Power Protein Diet, 25 grams of fiber needs to be consumed daily. Good sources of fiber include avocado, extra virgin olive oil, nut oil, and butter.

The great thing about this diet is that you don’t have to give up on the foods you enjoy. Certain snacks are allowed, such as Gouda cheese, oranges, pickles, and sunflower seeds. The meals are pretty flexible, so you won’t have to eat the same exact foods every day. For dinner, one glass of wine is permitted. Mineral supplements and vitamins are recommended to protect the body from any deficiencies caused by this diet.

Protein Power Diet Pros

The greatest benefit of the PP Diet is that it will help you lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Although it’s ideal for short-term weight loss, this plan still helps many people establish a new lifestyle. The reason why it’s so helpful is because it discourages the consumption of carbohydrates. While okay in moderation, eating a large amount of carbs everyday results in weight gain. Furthermore, by adapting to a healthier diet such as this one, you will have more energy for working out!

The Protein Power Diet offers a wide selection of meal plans. The menu is designed to help you achieve weight loss quickly. However, it’s only a short-term plan, so if you want to keep the weight off use it as a starting point for establishing a healthier lifestyle. Slowly increase calories once the diet is over but just don’t go back to your old eating habits.