How To Lose Weight

Protein for Weight Loss

This article provides in depth information on Protein for Weight Loss.

When you ready for a weight loss plan that is not based on avoiding sweets and junk food, one type of plan to consider is doing a protein for weight loss diet. Protein is an excellent source of energy your body needs. Protein helps to build strong bones and muscle fibers. It also helps your body fight infections. Researchers are finding that a high protein diet can help you to lose weight better because your caloric intake will be controlled, and you will not want to eat as much. A protein diet should be paired with an exercise routine for better health.

Foods High in Protein

If you have ever looked at a food guide pyramid, the protein block shows that an adult should eat about three cups of milk and dairy products, but only 5.5 ounces of meat and beans. This amount is actually too small for someone using protein for weight loss. A protein diet will eliminate carbs from breads, pastas, and cereals, where more than enough energy is stored. Instead it focuses on eating lots of chicken, eggs, and beans. If you like tofu, soy products are excellent for protein intake. If you eat beef, be sure it is lean and not high in fats. When you cook one pound of beef, you will see how much meat is left after the fats have drained. Looking at that fat floating in the bottom of the pan indicates what would have been on your body.

Benefits of Protein for Weight Loss

In order to eat less in the wheat and grain food group, it is necessary to increase the amount of meat, dairy and beans in your diet. Proteins have a filling effect on your appetite, but last longer than the wheat and grain group. Having a reduced appetite means you will not take in unnecessary calories and fat from eating foods such as popcorn, chips and pasta. One research group found that exercising daily for at least 30 minutes with a protein diet for weight loss will decrease your blood fat levels and encourages fat loss.

Amounts of Protein to Eat

You should only worry about eating too much protein if you are eating a disproportionate amount of all the other food groups. If you have kidney disease, then a protein for weight loss diet should be avoided. The recommended amount of protein from the RDA suggests eating no more than 46-56 grams of protein daily for a regular diet. Most people do not eat enough protein. Eating more than 56 grams should be considered for a protein diet. Be sure to eat the daily amount to keep your immune system healthy.

Protein is very healthy for anyone’s diet only if you control what other foods you eat. It helps to ward off infections and keep your body in shape. Lacking a considerable amount of protein will make you weak, therefore making exercise less desirable. A protein to lose weight diet should only be used with proper eating habits and regular exercise. Besides the obvious weight loss benefits, it gives you a reason to grill out everyday!