How To Lose Weight

Water and Weight Loss

This article provides in depth information on Water and Weight Loss.

There seems to be a strong connection between water and weight loss. Water speeds up metabolism by as much as 30% within 10 minutes of drinking 17 ounces of if. This metabolic rate peaks within half an hour of drinking water.

Appetite Suppressor

Water has a natural ability to suppress appetite. This is why many dieticians and weight loss experts recommend drinking water when hunger strikes. Typically, hunger pangs at odd hours signify the body’s need for water. In the absence of sufficient water, a person can tend to eat more than is necessary, thereby piling on the pounds. Another reason for this is because the brain is unable to distinguish between thirst and hunger. On an average, daily water consumption should range between 6 and 8 glasses. The key to drinking water for maximum effect is to drink it slowly at regular intervals.

Water Diet

In order to get the full benefit of water and weight loss, a good diet regimen to follow is to have 2 glasses of water upon waking. Since the body has lost water due to perspiration and breathing, drinking water will replenish these fluids. A second glass can be had along with breakfast, followed by a third one with mid-morning snacks. Mid-morning snacks should, of course, be a low calorie to aid in weight loss. The ideal choice would be a serving of fresh fruit. The fourth glass can be had with lunch with the next three glasses had at mid-afternoon, evening and night.

Water Retention

One reason why water and weight loss are so strongly linked is because water hydrates the body. When the body is not sufficiently hydrated, it has a tendency to try to retain fluids to guard against dehydration. This can easily add weight in an individual. Once sufficient intake of water is included into the diet and water reserves become unnecessary, the person loses weight and sees inch loss in fat as well. Water retention is the natural survival instinct of the body kicking in, just in case it is not available later on.

Reasons why Water is Critical to Weight Loss

There are several reasons why water and weight loss go hand in hand. Since weight loss at the initial stages is primarily because of dehydration, sufficient water intake is crucial. Burning calories results in more toxins, which need flushing out. Drinking sufficient water ensures appropriate muscle tone, as it aids muscle contraction and joint lubrication.

In order to receive the full benefits of water and weight loss, it is important to ensure that water is always at hand to avoid feeling thirsty. Ice cold water is easier to drink compared to hot or lukewarm water so placing a bottle in the fridge should help. For some individuals, drinking straight out of a bottle is easier and helps them consume more water than drinking out of a glass.

It is important not to drink too much water at night before sleeping as it can result in a disturbed sleep because of frequent visits to the bathroom. Also, when diuretics such as tea, coffee or alcohol are consumed, it is important to drink more water to replenish the lost fluids.