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Weight Loss After Pregnancy

This article provides in depth information on Weight Loss After Pregnancy.

Women often think that after giving birth they will never in a million years get their body back into shape again. Unfortunately, too many of them try to take weight off too quickly for their own, or baby’s, good. Weight loss after pregnancy should be approached safely in graduated steps. Mom’s body just went through significant changes and hormones are still raging. The slightest disruption can actually have an opposite effect on weight loss after pregnancy.

Set Realistic Goals

It is common for women to lose at least ten pounds during childbirth. This, of course, includes the weight of the baby, the placenta, amniotic fluids and often some fluid retention from the entire body. However, the fat cells that collected during the course of pregnancy aren’t as easily lost. Set realistic goals that can be met to avoid frustration. There is a period of months after childbirth that makes the new mom prone to postpartum depression. This all refers back to those hormones that take a while to get back to normal levels. If weight loss goals are not realistic it can exacerbate an already tenuous situation.

Eat Sensibly

This is especially important if the new mom is nursing her baby. Whatever mom is eating, that’s what baby eats. It all goes through to the milk. For this reason it is always suggested that mothers refrain from taking any kind of weight loss supplements while nursing whether they are natural or not. Even some herbs are not good for baby, so as opposed to rushing weight loss after pregnancy, it is best to eat a sensible diet that is low in fat and carbs yet high in fiber. Plenty of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits should be a staple as well as finding a lean source of protein. Fiber and antioxidants from the fresh foods will provide cleansing of toxins and built up waste which in turn will provide gentle and gradual weight loss. This is safe for the baby when nursing as well as for the mother.

Short Exercise Periods

Exercise should be done in brief periods throughout the day. If the weather is pleasant, put the baby in the stroller and take a walk in the fresh air. While baby is napping, which is probably most of the day at this point, do some crunches or other exercises that focus on the abs. There are even exercise groups to join that ware specifically designed for weight loss after pregnancy. Many maternity wards in hospitals provide a list of fitness clubs or exercise classes that are designed with this purpose in mind.

One of the main considerations should be to find healthy solutions for weight loss after pregnancy so that undue stress is not placed on mom or baby. It took nine months to prepare that baby for the world and it may take just as long to get mom’s body back into shape. Most obstetricians and midwives can provide a healthy, sensible diet plan and exercise regimen. It may take a little longer than expected, but safety is more important than speed.