How To Lose Weight

Weight Loss Myths

This article provides in depth information on Weight Loss Myths.

Losing weight has become a very important aspect of our existence. This is not so surprising seeing that a lot of Americans have excessive weight issues. This problem has also presented a large market potential for businesses. We are often bombarded with the risks associated with being overweight or obese. Furthermore our favorite movie stars, musicians and athletes keep “taunting” us about our weight by flaunting their trim and taut bodies constantly in our face without any respite.

With the large number of Americans desperate to shed off calories, it’s impossible not to have incorrect and misleading information on methods, techniques and approaches to losing weight. Of course, there are several factual reports out there too but oftentimes, a lot of weight loss myths proliferate. These myths often end up misleading people and cause more weight to be gained. In order to efficiently lose weight some of these weight loss myths need to be identified and discarded.

Myth 1: Vogue Diets bring about Long Term Weight Loss

This is one of the most prevalent weight loss myths. It thrives on the misleading information of instituting a strict diet which usually requires that some foods be cut off or recommended daily calories given. The problem with these diets is that they are oftentimes self defeating and are quite difficult to stick to. Another problem with them is that they usually do not provide adequate nutrition required for the normal and healthy functioning of the body. Proponents of these diets claim that you can lose significant pounds of body weight in few days or weeks. While this is true, the effect is short lived as more often than not, weight lost is quickly regained—and usually with interest.

Myth 2: Carbohydrates and Starchy Foods should be Reduced

This is too general a term due to several reasons. For starters, a large percentage of the required energy for our activities comes from this class of food. Furthermore there is a need to differentiate the different types of carbohydrates as there are harmful ones (white sugar) and also helpful ones that aid in efficient food digestion and also provide important nutrients.

Myth 3: Fat should be Avoided

The truth is that there are harmful fats for the body and there are also healthy fats required for normal functioning of the body. The secret is in learning how to make this distinction. Fats found in fish oils and flax seed can be considered good fats.

Myth 4: Magic Pills can Help Lose Weight

This is a lie that has been peddled for a long time. There is no pill that can bring about the desired and healthy weight loss, especially without adverse medical complications. The right type of pills out there offer detoxification, appetite suppressing and cleansing properties along with nutrients and minerals; however they shouldn’t be used to carry the entire burden of weight loss.

There are several other common weight loss myths. In order to efficiently lose weight however, the secret lies in the incorporation of a healthy, balanced and varied diet coupled with the right amount of exercise to even out the food intake. This by far is still the best method.