How To Lose Weight

Weight Loss and Co Enzyme Q10

This article provides in depth information on Weight Loss and Co Enzyme Q10.

The human body consists of several compounds which together help in its growth. Co-Enzyme Q10, or CQ10 as it is commonly known as, is responsible for the production of energy and can be found in every living cell present in the body. Its main purposes include providing for the functioning of the cells and strengthening the heart by supplying energy to it. This factor has made it one of the most popular items for treatment of heart related diseases.

Co-Enzyme Q10 Rich Food Items

It can be found in a number of non vegetarian products like fish, egg, organ meat and lamb. However, the intake is only marginal as most of it is lost while the food is cooked. If sufficient amounts of CQ10 are taken daily, a person can experience significant improvements in the cardiovascular system along with bringing the body back in balance.

Weight Loss and Co-Enzyme Q10

Weight loss and Co-Enzyme Q10 are very closely related. Because it is responsible production of energy, it can help in the weight loss process. Enough quantities of CQ10 have been known to stimulate the body metabolism so that higher quantities of calories are burnt. This ultimately benefits the heart by increasing its ability to pump more blood into the different parts of the body whenever an exercise routine is carried out. Higher energy and more blood flow increases the stamina allowing an individual to continue to exercise for longer periods.

Co-Enzyme Q10 Weight Loss Mixture

Combining L-Carnitine (an amino acid) with CQ10 results in a very effective mixture to achieve weight loss. L-Carnitine is known to be a powerful natural supplement for weight loss while CQ10 does its regular work. The mixture can be taken in the mornings before beginning the regular workout regime and in the evenings before sleeping. It gives an energy boost which will help keep a person motivated and on his feet throughout the day even during the dull or stressful times. However, avoid excessive consumption as it can be fatal.

CQ10 Dosage

An individual can consume CQ10 anywhere between 30 – 60 mg a day. While a lower dosage will mostly be ineffective, a higher dose should only be taken under the watchful eyes of a physician. A higher dose is given on medicinal grounds to people whose diets plans do not include sufficient amounts of CQ10.

Other Benefits of Co-Enzyme Q10

Apart from weight loss, a number of other benefits are associated with this enzyme. These include the following:

• Anti Aging: CQ10 also works as an antioxidant which helps protect the body from free radical damage. It facilitates in repairing of damaged skin cells thus reducing any signs of aging by several years. • Blood Pressure: Biggest advantage of using CQ10 for blood pressure treatments is that there are no side effects. The results are similar to those achieved by traditional treatment methods. • Immune System: Higher energy level in the body boosts the immune system thus protecting against most of the diseases.