How To Lose Weight

Yoga for Weight Loss

This article provides in depth information on Yoga for Weight Loss.

Yoga for weight loss research was started originally conducted in 2005, by a researcher, Alan Kristal, DPH, MPH. A trial was conducted with 15,500 men and women to attend a 30 minute yoga session weekly for four years. Results showed that yoga did work, and those that did nothing gained weight. As a result, many people are now choosing yoga over more traditional western exercise to promote weight loss.

Using Your Mind to Exercise

Yoga requires many techniques of slow motion and holding positions. It is far from the upbeat workout routines where everyone in the room shares the excitement. Moving slowly in yoga for weight loss routines encourages you to use your mind. The overall aura is also quiet, calming, and creates a mind relaxing moment. When you use your mind to workout it helps to gather all your negative thoughts, built up over time and allows you to expel them into the air. You think positive thoughts instead and find a point that allows you to focus. Thinking of good things increases hormone stimulation, making you feel happy.

How Yoga Affects Eating Habits

Scientists are not exactly clear how yoga helps you to lose weight, but they feel it is simply mind over matter. If you set your mind in the right direction, then other choices, such as choosing to eat right, will come more naturally. Mind over matter exercises have been around for centuries, but scientists figured out a way to incorporate it into weight loss. Now you can take yoga for weight loss to control your eating habits because your mind will learn to focus only on the good. You are getting your exercise when you participate in yoga, and your mind becomes part of the weight loss process when you eat. You mind limits you to eating only the right foods in smaller portions.

Where to Do Yoga

Yoga is a flexible workout. The ultimate goal is yoga for weight loss, so it does not matter where you do it. Yoga studios can be found in most cities of a decent size. Women love to gather in groups and go as one to the studio for a great yoga routine. DVD’s are available at retail stores to use in your home if you are a private person. Some people are embarrassed to workout in front of others. Other great places would be to yoga in the park, at the ocean side, or near a lake. Going into nature will help you to take your thoughts deeper as you experience the scenery and take in all the fresh outdoor smells. You will leave your yoga workout feeling mentally and physically revived.

It is no doubt that people are using yoga effectively for weight loss solutions. Celebrities are finding time in their busy lives to practice which encourages the average person to try it. If getting in touch with your body through a workout sounds great to you, do not ignore your desire to try yoga. Your entire lifestyle will change, including your eating habits.